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I am a Jew, a Produced Playwright, a Professional Actor, and the Single Mom of June 2005 Twins – Jack Wolfgang, and Lucy Annalise. We live with 3 rescue dogs – Sam (Golden Retriever), Fritz Von Lang (Boxer), and Pirate Patch – hmm.  How do I describe him?  Best to post his baby picture…

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I am an accomplished violinist, a ‘dabbling’ cellist, and an aspiring Rock/Punk guitarist hoping to learn David Gilmour’s last run in ‘Comfortably Numb’ on my beautiful black and white,  Fender American Stratocaster.

For the metaphysical people, I am a Sagittarian/Scorpion Cusp Kid with a Scorpio Moon, Scorpio rising sign, and 3 planets in Scorpio.  I’m Scorpio’d out.

For the more scientific minded people, I am a Myers-Briggs ENFP


For the Art World – I am, as of March 6th 2015, a Produced Playwright with a play called, ‘On The Other Side’, that was put on for a paying audience!

Dramatist Guild!  Here I come!!

On May 6, 2015, I graduate from a 2-year Professional Acting Program at a local college.  I studied 4 Intensive Semesters of Acting, Improvisation, Voice & Speech, Movement,  and Stage Craft.  All of this I did so that I could write stage plays from an actor’s perspective.  But, I learned so much more than that!

I lacking 4 more general education classes to take to get my Associates Degree in Theatre Arts.  I really don’t need the degree to write, but since I almost have enough credits to get it, why not?   I’ve earned it, so I’ll pick up those classes in the near future!   The diploma will look good on my wall and be a constant reminder for me, of my goal – to be a great Playwright!

❤️ ISRAEL  ❤️ NYC  ❤️ WEHO

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Jew. Produced Playwright. Professional Actor. Single Mom of June 2005 Twins. Violinist & Aspiring Guitarist. Myers-Briggs ENFP. ❤️ISRAEL ❤️NYC ❤️WEHO

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