The stage play ‘To Die Or Not To Die’, is a black comedy about death.

A middle-age man has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and was given less than a year to live.  He wants to die with dignity instead of being ravaged by cancer. His problem is that he is a devout Catholic and believes that committing suicide, or asking someone to kill him, are both mortal sins that would send him to Hell for eternity.

He hires a hit man to “just talk” with him.

Will he be able to get the hit man to kill him without asking outright thus committing a mortal sin?
Will he change his mind about dying?
How will he weather the BIG TWIST that happens right before intermission?

This play examines religious beliefs and death.

Genre: Black Comedy

Cast Number: 8

  • Taxi Driver – Middle Aged Man with NY accent.
  • Hit Man – Muscled Man with a Southern Accent, age mid 20’s to late 30’s.
  • Two Police Officers – any sex/age
  • White Angel – male, any age.
  • Black Angel – female, any age.
  • Secretary – effeminate gay male, any age.
  • Jewish Rabbi – middle to old age.

Run Time – 2 Acts and a short finale act / 90 Minutes

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Jew. Produced Playwright. Professional Actor. Single Mom of June 2005 Twins. Violinist & Aspiring Guitarist. Myers-Briggs ENFP. ❤️ISRAEL ❤️NYC ❤️WEHO

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