‘On The Other Side’ is a 10-minute, black comedy stage play about three young people who’s souls are knocked out of their bodies when a drunk driver slams into their car.  The question is who will be able to get back into their body, and who won’t?

This play examines the concept of ‘Out Of Body’ experience.

Genre: Black Comedy

Cast Number: 3

  • Gordon – Male 20’s or late teens
  • Suzi – Female 20’s or late teens
  • Jake – Male 20’s or late teens

Run Time – 1 Act  / 15 Minutes

This is the first production of my play done by students at the SETC conference.   The actors had 8 hours to learn the lines and rehearse before preforming it.   The student director was brilliant!


This play was inspired by and dedicated to Jordan Guess (1994 -2014), who was killed at age 20 by a drunk driver.

The following is a tribute to Jordan Guess, made by his friends.

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